July 6, 2009

Pictures from the weekend

the grand finale of the show at Ft. Lewis

those little swirling things are people...my husband and his buddies to be exact

Kelsey and I before the show

giving my hubby "one last hug"

Avila and daddy earlier in the afternoon. (for the record, she went home and stayed with grandma and grandpa for the night)

From the Freedom Festival on Ruston Way, with my parents and sister. We went down in the morning and Avila was an official Fire Chief for the day!

My parents with Avila

Walking from our house to Ruston...

Last Thursday - Avila's first time in the ocean at mom and dad Mauss'. She ended up very wet, to say the least

Before we went to the Mauss', she saw her life jacket and demanded that I put it on

She then wanted to get into her pool...notice the lack of water

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