July 25, 2009

The zoo and the park

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes! 26 feels pretty good...

On the day before my bday, my sisters came and we had a fabulous day! We went to the Point Defiance zoo [I have a year's pass and tons of guest passes if anyone ever wants to join me!] and then left Avila to have a sister's night at Matador and getting pedicures. [The last pedicure I'd had was last football season. Michael was at another game and I was left at home with a 6 month old on a Friday night. So, I stuck her on my lap and got my toes done!] Thank you, sisters for a great day!

On my actual bday I told Michael I didn't want anything fancy or special - just a fun outing where we could create some memories. So, we grabbed Subway, went down to Ruston, and had a picnic. It was fabulous. Avila ran around, ate a giant cookie, and I took lots of pics. Michael then took me out to a movie and we ended the night [well, I ended the night] with "So You Think You Can Dance!" Thank you, hubby, for a wonderful birthday =]

nothing like an elephant's behind...

the buddgies are coming!

Avila stared at the fish for what seemed like forever

with her beautiful auntie

at the park

once again, freaked out by the notion of something on her hand. this time it was chocolate

like father, like daughter


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