August 12, 2009

My own kind of mom

My sister, Shelley, has an awesome post over at her blog (#6 on the "Quick Takes" list) about being a mom. She talks about how easy it is to compare ourselves to other moms and how easy it is to find that we come up short. Oh how I did this way too much when Avila was a baby.

Being a new mom is a scary thing. No matter what my expectations were pre-baby or how much I thought I knew about kids, I was hit with many things that threw me in a tizzy. When Avila was not sleeping well, was giving me a hard time by being as high-maintenance as she was, or I was confused about something in each new baby stage, I found myself looking at other moms and their sleeping and well-adjusted kids and I, too, came up short. I would call all my mom friends and try to copy what they do with their children - all while ignoring my own motherly intuition. That is until, one day, I realized that I am my own kind of mom. I may do a little of what each of my friends does, but in the end, I needed to trust that God placed in me the capability to figure out my own child. And once that happened, the pressure seemed to fall away like scales from my eyes. I took the reigns of the motherhood God entrusted to me and since that happened over a year ago, I have looked in a baby book maybe 3 times!

I am glad I realized that I don't need to compare myself to other moms and that by trusting my own intuition I can raise and happy and healthy child. And I hope every mom out there will embrace becoming their own kind of mom, too.


The Gaunts said...

Thanks for this note Kristine...I have been getting really nervous and this is just what I needed to hear. Hope you are doing well!


Erin said...

So right. I am totally up for asking friends for advice...I love hearing what other tricks and things families try...and I do say I read many books...but what I have learned is what you said....take what you like or what works from all the different opinions and philosophies out there and create your own!!! What I have also learned is that you have to get rid of that "mommy guilt" that so many peple can make you have! And the other thing I am learning which drives me cray what works great for one child, doesn't work at all for the you are back to the drawing board and your motherly intuition again!!! You do great....and I might use your Cozy Corner Reading Book Idea...LOVE IT!