August 26, 2009

Theology of the Body NW

I have begun a new ministry called Theology of the Body NW! For those of you who haven't encountered the Theology of the Body before, this is an in-depth study, initiated by Pope John Paul II, about human love and relationships in relation to God's plan for salvation (among other things!).

This ministry aims to do a few things: 1) integrate and make known the various Theology of the Body studies occurring around the Pacific Northwest, 2) provide people in the NW opportunities to network in regards to TOB, and 3) promote my new speaking ministry with Theology of the Body. As I mentioned before, God has placed a huge desire on my heart to spread the message of TOB to as many people as I can, and He has begun to open the doors.

With the help of my wonderful sister, Shelley, I have a new website you can check out!

This morning, I was a guest on Dr. Tom Curran's radio show, Sound Insight, where we discussed the Theology of the Body and my new ministry. If you didn't know about it or get a chance to check it out. You can click this link to see a webcast of the show!!

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Erin said...

I watched it, great job and great ministry. Definitey a treasure we should all dig up and study!!!