September 14, 2009

Our Trip to Iowa

These are much belated pictures, but they're finally here! Last month Karol, Avila and I, trekked to Des Moines Iowa to visit her family. Michael and I had been a couple years ago however besides pictures from the blog, the fam hadn't seen Avila yet. And, boy, was she the hit of the town! She adopted her role as "best actress on a one-person stage" quite well and won over everyone with her personality. We went to the Iowa State Fair, had a lovely dinner at Jimmy and Deanne's, and hung out with great family. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful time!

Jimmy, Karol, and Avila at the fair

Avila with the largest bull, almost 4,000 pounds! Mooo is right!

She could spend forever with the animals...

Singing with grandma and reading her books from Great Aunt Darcy

putting on her eyebrows...

trying to be like her boy cousins

all the ladies

Avila, decked out in one of her many new outfits from Cracker Barrel - I wish I had an extra suitcase to bring all her gifts home!

with Great Aunt Darcy, whom she loves...she was just tired from all the playing :)

thanks for the wonderful dinner!

With Avila's Great Grandparents

On the way home, down one of the many many moving sidewalks she insisted to go on. On a side note, we found a store with her name and that's where the cute hat is from - she picked it out herself.

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Val said...

That video is so dang cute! I love how she's saying "more?" Ha ha! Great pictures. She still looks like a mini Mike.