September 13, 2009

Seven Things I Love

Tagged by Cheri! According to the rules, I get to list 7 things that I love and then pass it on to 7 other friends (if I can think of 7 who haven't been tagged)!


one: our house is painted (charcoal gray with white trim, from white with royal blue trim), we have grass!!!, and a new beautiful fence in the backyard. I am grateful for how hard my husband and dad have worked on our house.

two: snuggling with Avila before she goes to bed. it is our special time and no matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I wouldn't go a day without it

three: watching my husband coach football. it makes me think of the days when he was a stud player - especially because I wasn't around to see him play...

four: seeing Avila's personality come out more and more. she is sweet and funny and obedient and such a special little girl

five: shows on DVD. not only can I skip commercials, but I have also been hooked on the Gilmore Girls. Plus I feel like TV is more intentional when I sit down to take a break and watch an entire show instead of blindly having it on.

six: God's Providence in the scheme of life. Seeing how he has provided and guided for my family is enough to trust in Him with everything.

seven: seeing people fall in love with Christ and come to understand what the Catholic Church really teaches

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