October 6, 2009

A mother's work

Over the past few days I have started to emerge from my 9 weeks of nausea. Because of the nausea, I have done just enough housework, cooking, cleaning, and child-tending that it takes to survive, but now that I'm feeling better I'm able to do more. Although I'm not 100%, I do have more time during my day to get things done before I have to crawl to the couch and count down the minutes until bedtime. As a result, I have found myself busy from morning 'till afternoon with all of the duties I placed aside for the health of myself and our new little one.

When Michael got home the other day, I told him how much better I was feeling and I asked if he noticed that I got more done during these past few days. Despite being the wonderful and observant husband he is, he said he didn't notice too much (maybe it was because I asked him while spawled out on the couch), and it got me thinking. I wasn't upset he didn't notice all the work I had done because I realized that 1) the house still kind of looked "first-trimester like" and 2) a lot of what a wife and a mother does is almost unnoticeable to those who don't do it on a daily basis. These past few days I spent my hours organizing, cleaning, and doing things with Avila I neglected to do, but a lot of time these don't show on the surface. I think what is noticed, however, is the level of peacefulness and happiness in a home and I'm sure once things really settle back to "normal" for me I will make it my goal to ensure these are present.

Just a thought for the day...and now I'm off to continue putting our house back in order!

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Bill, Amelia and Jack said...

Said so well.... I feel like that most of the time (the little things that seem so meaningless, but help this home stay sane!)
So glad you are feeling better! Give me a call when you get a chance!
love you!