October 26, 2009

Stepping up my fight for the unborn

I have been awakened. I have been awakened to the horror of abortion in a way that can no longer leave me inactive in fighting for the unborn. Yes, I have always been pro-life and I have done things here and there to raise awareness of the injustice of abortion, however, the battle has been raised to another level.

A couple weeks ago, while doing some spontaneous research on abortion, I came across a real life account, step-by-step, of an abortion done to a 12-week old baby. And I can't get it out of my head. We can argue on all the various points of why abortion should or should not be legal - such as the science behind when life begins and why "choice" should determine whether someone lives or dies - but I now believe that the only way hearts will be changed is by seeing first or second hand what abortion actually is. There are many arguments that graphic images and accounts of abortion should be avoided as to prevent guilt in those who have had abortions. However, I believe that these women are hurting so deeply that a graphic image can spur them to not only acknowledging what actually occurred, but also on to seeking help. But despite what may or may not happen if the truth is shown in pictures, we cannot be afraid of proclaiming the truth. And this is what I don't get: if murder, which is illegal, can be shown on TV and in print, why can't abortion, which is legal, be shown as well? What it is that they don't want us to see? I will tell you what they don't want us to see...

The following is part of the account that I mentioned above. I dare you to read it. It's not graphic compared to what graphic means in mainstream culture - just real. It is simply a look at a child and what happens moments before he is aborted. None of the actual abortion is mentioned, however there are links at the end I hope you'll check out. Don't shy away from the truth, but let the truth set you free. Obviously this isn't meant for young children, but I believe that even 13 and 14 year olds need to hear about this because in many states they can get an abortion without parental permission. Even if you are pro-life you need to hear this because as Satan has stepped up his attacks on life, so too must we be motivated enough to step up ours.

An excerpt from Silent Scream
"Now let's turn to the actual film itself. We are now looking at a sector scan of a real time ultrasound imaging of a 12 week, unborn child. The child is oriented in this direction. You are looking now at the head of the child... here... the body of the child... here.. and this image is the child's hand approaching its mouth. Looking a little more closely at the child, we can discern, the eye or the orbit of the eye, here, the nose of the child, here... and the mouth of the child... here.. and we can even look at the ventricle of the brain, here. This is a fluid filled space in the brain. We see the body of the child here with the ribs in silhouette ... and the spine of the child at the back."

"This rather granular area of tissue at the top of the sector appears to be the placenta or afterbirth of the child. And we can begin to see down here, the thighs, the lower extremities of the child coming off the child in this manner. Now, we see the heart beating, here in the child's chest, The heart is beating at the rate of approximately 140 beats a minute. And we can see the child moving rather serenely, in the uterus. One can see it shifting position from time to time. It is still orientated in this manner and the mouth is receiving the thumb of the child. The child again is moving quietly in its sanctuary."

"Now this shadow that we are seeing, down at the bottom of the screen is the suction tip. We have colored the suction tip deliberately in order that you can discern it more clearly. The abortionist has now dilated the cervix and is now inserting this suction tip which you can see moving back and forth across the screen. You will note as the suction tip which is now over here, moves towards the child, the child will rear away from it and undergo much more violent and much more agitated movements. The child will move in a much more purposeful manner. Its orientation changes from to time. It is again rearing here. Now the suction tip has not actually touched the child, even though the child is extremely agitated and moving in a much more violent manner."

"The child has now moved back to the profile view and the suction tip is flashing across the screen. The child's mouth is now open... and we will see that in a freeze frame in a moment... but this suction tip which you can see moving violently back and forth on the bottom of the screen is the lethal instrument which will ultimately tear apart and destroy the child. It is only after the fluid has been broken, the sack has been disrupted, that the tip will actually come against the child. We can see the tip move back and forth as the abortionist seeks the child's body. Once again we can see the child's wide mouth open in a Silent Scream in this particular freeze frame. This is the silent scream of a child threatened eminently with extinction."

"Now the child's heart rate has speeded up dramatically. And the child's movements are violent at this point.It does sense aggression in its sanctuary. It is moving away ...one can see it moving to the left side of the uterus...in an attempt ... a pathetic attempt to escape the inextricable instruments which the abortionist is using to extinguish its life.

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La Familia Garcia said...

Kristine- I have checked out some of the sites you mentioned and also find myself thinking of them often. The story about the 12 week old baby and the ultrasound recording the abortion was very powerful- I didn't even watch the actual film, but I was still really affected by it. Although some would consider me "liberal" in my perspective on human rights, I really see abortion as a human rights and right to life issue and have never been able to change my perspective on it- the more I learn, the more obvious it seems what an incredibly dangerous path we're on with the abortion issue. I think often of Mother Teresa's quote: "But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child - murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?" This quote really touches me because I think it is so true- the bond between mother and child is so strong and so precious. Further on in the quote, she also talks about the father's role, which is often neglected and really needs to be talked about more too, I think. Here is a link to some of the things she's said about abortion- what a wise woman! http://www.gargaro.com/mother_teresa/quotes.html

Anyway, it's great you've felt called to write and share about this important topic. Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know about a new film which exposes a racist agenda in abortion It is called: Maafa21. It really shows how evil abortion is from another side. It is worth the watch. there is a clip of it here: www.maafa21.com

Michael and Kristine said...

janelle - you are so true about abortion being a human rights issue. If we do not have the fundamental, basis right to live how can any other human rights rationally follow? And "saynsumthn" I will definitely check out that trailer. It looks really interesting.