October 11, 2009


Wow! It's been 2 1/2 long years of remodeling and although we aren't done by all means, we have reached a milestone I have been waiting for since the day we moved in. Looking back on the journey I see that it has been filled with many things: sacrifice of family time and luxuries, hard work, tears, joy, and a deep sense of accomplishment. There have been many times when we wanted to say "enough" but knowing that a greater goal lay ahead we pushed though and made it through to the next checkpoint. And this checkpoint is a big one.

A year and a half ago we began demolition on our backyard in hopes of building a garage, what turned into an addition, a sprinkler system, a new front yard, a new backyard, and a patio space. Since that time we have completed all that [expect for the patio...but that can wait until next year!] and more.

I must say, I have to thank 2 very important people that, without them, this couldn't have happened. The first is my dad [seen below building the fence]. He has made the trip from Vancouver countless number of times and has taught Michael so much about home construction and remodeling. We are so appreciative of his help - words can't even say how much. The next person to thank is obviously my husband. Michael has given up so much to make our house a wonderful place to be. He has sacrificed almost every Saturday known to man, early mornings, late nights after work, and he has put up with my emotional needs when I see dust. :0 I never thought I would find someone as hard working as my dad, but I must say...I am constantly impressed about the drive and work ethic he has that my dad better watch out! Oh, and one last person: thank you Avila for sleeping through roofers, hammers, and saws. I hope you love your new backyard, baby girl!

Here are some before/after pics...

BEFORE: When we moved in - the backyard

BEFORE: the driveway down into our basement

the work begins...

BEFORE: the day we moved in! our first home...

TA-DA! Still to come sometime in the future: plant boxes under the windows, a new front porch, siding and trim, flower beds in front and along the walkway, a couple trees, and a white-picket fence

AFTER: the new garage and addition. The area between them will eventually be flowers, a patio, and a fire pit

AFTER: no more driveway! it only took over 500 yards of dirt...

AFTER: no more ugly ally!

Thank you daddy and grandpa for my new backyard!!!

Some fall decorations:

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Jessica said...

Beautiful transformation - it looks great!!!