November 14, 2009

Hula Girls

Not only was Avila daddy's girl while on the islands, she was a little buddy of mine, too. We palled around and had some great girl time - a lot of which included singing and dancing (what we do best). Some of my favorite memories with her last week were napping together on the plane (thank you, Lord, that she slept and got her own seat - it sure made for a good 6 hour flight), swimming and singing in the pool, sharing shaved ice, reading funny books, playing in the ocean, and hula dancing. I loved it when she called every kid she saw "buddy," learned to swim underwater on her own, and remained joyful even when exhausted from the day. I got to see, once again, how blessed I am with such a peaceful and happy girl. I most enjoyed the simple things and this is what I take from our trip - that life's greatest joys are not in the extravagant things, but rather in the little things that fill our day.

Here are some pictures of mama and her hula girl...

gotta love the diaper hanging out

like my bedroom? it sure echoed when I talked in the morning!

"hula, hawaii"

at a free hula show - avila went on stage at got to do the hula. it was probably the funniest thing I've seen her do. Video to come soon!

yes, I am an official (palm) tree hugger...

...and I've converted Avila into one, too

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