December 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Vol. 20

1. We have a little manger under our tree and Avila found it the other day. (It's a little basket with some clippings from our Christmas tree.) She was carrying it around when I told her that it needed to stay under the tree while we wait for baby Jesus to come. For the next 30 minutes she watched out the window and banged on the front door yelling, "baby Jesus, come!"

2. I don't know how she knows what to do, but whenever the New Year's Eve song, "Auld Lang Syne," comes on at the end of our Christmas CD, Avila wants to slow dance and give me a million kisses. At least she's a lover and not a hater. =)

3. I am nesting majorly. Either that or I'm finally feeling good enough to get back on top of things. Being overly motivated sure comes in handy over the Holiday season and I already have lists of things to conquer once the New Year comes. Only 17 more weeks to go, baby Mauss.

4. I am having horrible pregnancy dreams. I dream vividly as it is, but these are bad. The other night it was someone trying to cut my baby out of me. The night before that? Avila was being buried alive! Needless to say, I sleep with my rosary and have begun praying for calm dreams before I go to sleep.

5. Avila must have a 6th sense when it comes to me. It'll be like an hour before I have to leave somewhere and she knows. She starts getting clingy and follows me around everywhere. And when I change out of my sweats? Forget about it. Once I leave, though, she's fine. I think it's time to schedule more daddy-daughter time!

6. Avila is my little helper (slave?) extraordinaire. "Avila can you put this in the garbage?, and remember the toilet is not the garbage!" "Avila, will you bring me my socks?" "Avila, will you load the dryer (with mama's help of course)?" "Avila, will you put your clothes away in your bedroom?" Even though she is not quite two years old, we're working on chores already. My goal is that by the time Avila and our other children are in their teens that I won't have to lift a finger around the house.

7. We have been saying lots of prayers for Michael's grandpa who was moved to hospice this week. Praying that God's Will be done and peace comes to his family. I have had to chance to visit them twice since marrying Michael, and Avila got the chance to meet them all this past August. Here was the post from our last trip. You can also read more about Grandpa Bottenfield at Shelley's blog here.

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Sunday said...

Hi! I found your blog from Shelley's blog which I have been reading for a few years. I love how both of your blogs are so Christ-centered, truly a welcome find!

I read that you have been having frightening pregnancy dreams and I wanted to give you some peace of mind that MUCH of what you are dreaming is because of your hormones raising and the dream about Avila being buried sounds to me like the dream of every soon to be second time mom who fears she will somehow forget about the needs of her first precious baby. Don't won't happen, it will only intensify your love for her as your very first miracle from God.
However, you and I both know that Satan can use our dreams as a way of putting fear into our hearts where we are less equipped to ward off his attacks. So, I will pray for you each evening before I go to bed (probably 4 hours before you do because I am in Maryland) that any evil principalities or forces would be bound here on earth as they are in heaven by the precious name of Jesus and that the protective angels of heaven will be loosened around your home, your family, and your mind.
Sleep Tight!