December 7, 2009

Getting our Christmas Tree

On Saturday we went to Shelley's annual "Christmas tree shin-dig" to get our wonderful Sprouffske Christmas tree (not a plug or anything!). We missed it last year because Avila was sick and ironically enough, she got really sick again this year on the night before we went down. We decided to skip our planned morning trip down with friends and see what Avila was like later in the day. After sleeping for a couple hours, we made the trek down to the farm, kept her from touching the other kids (which was a bit hard) and got our tree. It was a beautiful, sunny day that was finished off by decorating our home, listening to Christmas, and lighting our Advent wreath for the second Sunday of Advent.

Avila and her almost-one-year-old cousin

Avila desperately trying to hold her baby friend, Angelica. I think she's ready for a sibling.

Our Christmas tree! It was literally the first one we saw - about 10 feet from Shelley's deck :)

c'mon, use a power tool Avila (Michael needs a son...)

Avila and her aunt, Shelley

let's go explore, mom!

turning our child into a tree-hugger

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Anna and Joe said...

Joe just saw the picture of Avila trying to hold that baby and said "who is that girl Avila is trying to beat up!"