December 27, 2009

a lot of ridiculously cute Christmas pictures...

The start to the Christmas season was wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve with Michael's side, which included cousin time, crab and bouillabaisse, lots of wrapping paper, and the kids crashing during Christmas Eve Mass. On Christmas morning Avila slept in late (probably the last year for that) and then we loaded up and headed a couple hours south to my parents. My extended family (close to 40 people) gathered for a day of more food, karaoke, cards, and even a Skype date with Kelsey! Avila is currently recovering with an uber-long nap and we will continue to enjoy this Christmas season.

at the Sprouffske Christmas dinner a couple weeks ago

a piano and ball from aunt sue and uncle tim

apparently the hot new way to make music

everyone's gotta have a Christmas tree on their booty

the cousins

a real-life baby doll - one that burps and laughs and cries. (or more affectionately called "satan baby" by Michael and myself. the only thing it doesn't do is spin it's head around)

off to Mass - I found this hat (matching purse not pictured) a year and a half ago at a consignment shop, and have been waiting until this Christmas for her to wear it. the dress is from the same consignment shop (she wore it last year for Christmas) and the shoes are a find from Value Village. I scored big on this one!

Christmas morning

with auntie Ashley

the only Santa she'll come close to

new clothes from grandma and grandpa. she can wear them while she's playing with her new train set!

Skyping with Kelsey! The whole family got to see her

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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Bill, Amelia and Jack said...

What a cutie - even with a Christmas tree on her bootie! Jack wanted me to tell Avila he has the same nativity ;) (though he likes eating it....)
Miss and love you!