December 3, 2009

Pictures from November

Here are some pictures from us in November and from Thanksgiving.

Avila and daddy feeding the goats at the zoo

Avila in her "Lion Coat." The one she usually wears will be passed down to the next baby and next year we will have 2 little mascots!

This is homemade finger paint I made...great idea in theory. The food coloring stains hands and the texture is so gross I wanted to throw up. Plus Avila would have much preferred a pen to color with. At least we got through the project and daddy ended up with a Thanksgiving turkey for his office (turkey not shown. for whatever reason I didn't get a picture).

My dad and Avila watching a movie.

out for a walk...

2 stylin' ladies (that's grandma, by the way. Avila has reverted to calling her "auntie." She does look young enough to be one!)

Stopping by a neighbor's house that Avila was obsessed with. For those who don't know, my parents moved a few months ago and traded property for a house that their growing extended family could suit. Avila and I spent 6 days down with them (Michael took the train down the night before Thanksgiving and went back early for the Apple Cup) and we had a great time.

We spent Thanksgiving at my aunt's house and we all ended up taking a group (think large group) picture for my sister, Kelsey, who is still in Houston. I will post it soon!
After eating, all my aunts, uncles, and cousins headed to the bowling alley for a little fun. I think my growing belly threw me off, as I only bowled a 57. Doesn't Avila sure look happy to be there?

Great-Grandma, Avila and Me

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