December 3, 2009

Your Kingdom Come

Many times in my life I have turned to writing to unleash the emotions I feel inside. Tonight is one of those times. And instead of journaling privately, I feel this is something everyone needs to hear.

As mentioned before, my youngest sister Kelsey is a volunteer foster-parent in Texas. She has given her life for broken children - children who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect, HIV, etc. You can learn more about the organization here. She has a blog of her own, which I encourage you to follow, and I am so proud of what the work she is doing.

But tonight I sit here in tears, almost unable to write, because of the stories I hear in regards to the children she takes in. Every week I get a phone call from my parents or my sister telling me the situation of a new child brought to Casa. I don't think I can divulge much info (I don't know names or anything, of course) but for respect of privacy all I can say is it's bad. Tonight was one of those nights when I got a phone call. And as I sit here all I can think of are the babies and little kids who are hurting - hurting at the hands of those who should love them the most. The babies with broken bones and drug addictions and who are so sacred to spill milk for fear of being hit. And the hardest part is, other than loving my little girl to death, I don't know what to do. Praying seems so helpless, yet that is the only thing at my disposal. And when I pray, the only prayer that can rise to my lips is, "Jesus, Your Kingdom Come."

I never understood what it meant to pray, "Thy Kingdom Come." Praying for the end of the world? Praying for God's Kingdom on earth? But now I do - at least for me. I say it with the intention of the fear and the hurt that is so prevalent in this world to pass away sooner than later and for Jesus to come. Come, Lord. Spare us, O Lord. Please wipe away every tear and hold every child and let there be no more pain - if not for us than for the children. Please divert the attacks of Satan from helpless children and babies, who are perfect and holy simply in who they are.

At time like this, all I want to do is go hold my baby girl. I want to tell her that I will never try to cause her pain, that I will never abandon her or hurt her. I want to hold her like I want to hold every single hurting child. So, I ask you to please pray. Pray for Jesus to be with the abused, neglected, and forgotten children. Pray for a change in people's hearts to love their children like they should. And continue to pray for Jesus' Kingdom to come.