January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Plus a few bonus pics

Here are my "quick takes" from the week, plus a few bonus pictures at the end. =)

1. Happy New Year! Our New Year's Eve was spent by going to Mass, grabbing Taco Bell, and toasting to the New Year. Avila loves to "cheers" anything, and now every morning we have to toast to a "happy day." At least it's a good way to kick off the day!

2. Today I finally get to see Michael's mom. I finally kicked my 3-week sinus infection and Avila is feeling better, too, so we're off to the hospital to visit Karol. I'm so happy not to be sick any more. As a result, I am taking every precaution to avoid what I experienced these last 3 weeks. So, every morning it's a saline skirt to the nose and every night a gargle with Listerine. And of course, I'm getting everyone in on the action...

3. "Skype with Kelsey?" This is the phrase I hear every. single. day. I am so glad that even though my sister is miles and miles away, Avila still has the chance to read her stories and play with her over the internet. Skype is so awesome. It's totally free and all you need is a web cam. I highly recommend it.

4. My husband was right. Because we have stainless steel appliances I am always looking at little hand prints. However, about a month ago Michael told me that he heard the best way to clean stainless steel is with baby oil. I was a bit skeptical, but I gave it a shot considering I hated the smell of what I was spraying on there and I hated spending the money for the cleaner. I first wiped the messy parts down with soap and water. Then I squirted baby oil onto a clean white cloth and rubbed my fridge down. I took a new, fresh cloth and buffed it dry. I must say that I haven't had to clean my fridge (excluding the handles) in almost a month. It still looks clean and shiny!

5. Avila is now at the "big kids' table." In order to thwart the food battles that were coming on, I had the idea of raising Avila's booster seat, taking away the tray, and scooting her up right next to Michael and I at the table. It works like a charm! She gets her own place mat like mama and daddy, plus she ate all her dinner last night. We celebrated her growing up-ness with some chocolate pudding.

6. I can't tell if she looks like Audrey Hepburn or an 80's Butt-rocker. I'm referring to Avila and her new "bangs." Both her and I were getting tired of her hair getting in her face and since I'm not ready to give her a true haircut yet, I snipped her bangs. It looks cute when her hair is in a ponytail, but when I took the ponytail out, her mullet was in its full glory.

7. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, CUZ! I love you, Tommy, and you are my favorite cousin! I can't wait until we get to play again!

a smile for my cousin...

***And now, the bonus track...

This is for you, grandpa! I'm sorry your Ducks lost at the Rose Bowl. This is my grumpy face to show you I'm bummed, too.

Um, mom. You seriously want my picture while I'm helping you do chores?

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