January 5, 2010

A Crazy Week

Wow. Where to begin? How about with Happy New Year! Looking back over the past couple weeks, 2009 went out like a Lion and 2010 came in like a Lion. (I think we need some Lambs right about now.)

Since most of you read my sister's blog (Shelley over at Life on the Farm) you know what's been going on with her and Michael's mom, Karol. You can find her journey and all the details over there, but to sum it up, Karol has been in the hospital since the Sunday after Christmas with what is now a staff infection in her lungs and an autoimmune disease that is targeting her lungs. You can also visit the Caring Bridge site set up for Karol at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/karolmauss for even more info and to sign her guestbook. Needless to say it's been a busy and emotional time for the family - especially in the waiting game to make sure exactly what is going on.

To add to the matter, neither Avila nor I have been able to visit Karol yet, because I just now got over a sinus infection. I started getting sick the week before Christmas, and after ruling out strep throat, an ear infection, and even something wrong with my teeth (apparently a sinus infection can cause tooth pain) I was given antibiotics. To be honest, I had never experienced that much pain with a cold (throat, head, teeth) and I am grateful to be over the long 2 week stretch of sickness.

Unfortunately Michael also developed a sinus infection (with an ear infection on the side) so he's now on the wonderful bacteria fighting drugs. He's been unable to see his mom for almost a week, and this has definitely taken a toll on him. And we can't forget about little Avila. After noticing some weird symptoms with her cold, I took her into the doc yesterday and woila! Double Ear Infections! Wohooo! (insert sacrcasm here) We are sure giving Walgreens lots of business. To look on the bright side, Avila is still happy, I am feeling better, and Michael is on the upside. I am just hoping that we can all be better soon so that Avila can give her grandma a big hug.

Please keep Karol in your prayers as she starts on the road to recovery and know that your family is in our prayers, as well.

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Lemmon said...

Praying for Karol and all of YOU!