February 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I have peeled myself off the couch to update our blog with some "quick takes" from the weekend.

1. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! That's exactly how I felt last night at about 10pm, when Michael was trying to keep anything down, I was suffering from a back spasm and nausea, and Avila had just gone through her 3rd set of sheets in 2 hours. Friday night Michael came down with what we know to either be food poisoning (all 3 of us ate the same thing) or the stomach bug. On Saturday, about 10 minutes before my mom and I were to sit down and enjoy PNB's Sleeping Beauty I felt my first wave of nausea hit. (Luckily, after I walked up to the ticket lady and told her I was 7 months preggo and sick she happily exchanged our tickets for a different night.) And then last night, after Avila pushed away all her dinner, she was struck, too. The only bummer thing is that kids don't know how to run to the bathroom! After a shower and a hubby who got the kitchen spotless, Avila's nausea continued for a few hours until finally, at 2am, she settled in for the night. We spent the morning making trips to Safeway for Pedialyte and Gatorade (with both Avila and baby Mauss begging for something to drink), watching Cinderella, and never getting out of our pajamas. Hopefully we are on the upswing, as this seems to be a short-lived virus.

2. First potty, then marshmallow? Avila very much gets the whole "first, then" thing. She walks around and randomly says, "first meat, then chocolate milk." Although we are not potty training officially yet, Avila does ask to sit on the potty and whenever she goes, she gets a mini-marshmallow. Except when she was begging for a marshmallow this morning I of course had to refuse - sugar like that wouldn't be fun after a night like last night!

3. As mentioned above, I have been getting HORRIBLE back spasms in my upper back. It literally feels like someone digging a knife under my shoulder blade. I've only had a them once or twice with this pregnancy, and I think I set it off my doing too much in the attic last week. :0 Bending over combined with lifting boxes of books was probably enough to do it. Plan for the week? Leave the heavy lifting to someone bigger and not pregnant.

4. I hate maternity pants. There are only a couple pairs of maternity pants I have that I truly enjoy wearing. The others (from my working days) are all hanging in my closet, barely touched. I have decided that hating maternity pants is OK and that wearing my super-comfy Target yoga pants everywhere is totally fine. During my first pregnancy I was enthralled by the fact that with maternity pants I didn't have to button or zip anything. I even considered wearing them sans baby belly. Boy did that desire pass quickly!

5. I about died when I saw my Costo tab last week. Imagine this scenario: being out of diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, meat, Sonicare heads, vitamins, fruit, veggies, milk, and everything else in between, plus adding on top of that a membership that was due. Luckily I budgeted for such a trip and it helped we didn't have a Costco run last month. But still, I think I cried a little while handing over my check.

6. Because we were so sick, Avila and I stayed home from Mass yesterday. It was the only time I had missed Mass (other than the Sunday morning Avila was born) since high school. Avila actually got really sad when, after we ran up to cancel youth group, we didn't go into the church. Luckily Michael was feeling good enough yesterday morning to go, and luckily because in marriage the two become one it was like I was there with him. Hopefully it doesn't happen like this again.

7. Check out my creepy doppleganger. So there was this thing floating around Facebook last week that told people to post a celebrity that looked like them - called a doppleganger. Well, here's mine and it's quite a resemblance. Ever since I started working at Nordstrom in high school, people would come up to me all the time and say I looked like "Belle" from Days of Our Lives. I would always laugh politely as, at the time, I thought she had a weird nose! When I asked Michael when he thought this picture of "me" was taken, he said sometime last summer - haha, even he was fooled until he did a double take.

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