February 3, 2010

a much needed morning

To sum it up, we have been sooo busy. Busy with appointments, swimming lessons, being out and about for whatever reason, and working on the house. (Hence the reason the blog has taken a hiatus.) I got a dose of reality yesterday while, at Costco, I was having such intense contractions that I almost called my doctor. (On a side note, why the heck would they fill a box to be that heavy when a 7 month pregnant lady has to load it into her car?) Of course I didn't slow down any and finished organizing the attic (which led to more contractions) and by the end of the day I realized I needed to slow down - not just for myself and the baby but for Avila, too.

All too often lately I've found myself saying to her, "Just a minute, honey." Just a minute until we play or color or read or do anything you want to do. My new motto, "get it done now or it'll take twice as long later..." is a great motto to have but not when it's at the expense of my little ones. So, this morning we didn't do anything except read, paint, color, play baby doctor, listen to Norah Jones, and have some much needed down time. Every time Avila asked me to do something, I said "Of course!" and even though there are books on the table and files to organize, it all can wait.

When Avila goes down for her nap, I'll attempt to get my long list checked off, but for now I'll enjoy the tummy massage Avila is giving me as I write this. (Being pregnant has its perks - especially when all your daughter wants to do is rub lotion on your belly.) Because even though the dishes and the laundry will be there tomorrow, the ones we love might not be and its important to enjoy every minute with them we can.

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Tom and Carrie said...

I'm working on this too, Kris. Especially now with two it's been hard for me not to fall in to the "just a minute, sweetheart" routine all the time. These really are precious times, aren't they?