February 4, 2010

my word for the year

Yes, it is February (Avila will be 2 years old in a few weeks!) and, no, I haven't just got around to thinking of my "New Years' Resolutions." I spent much of January reflecting on last year - the type of person I was and the type of person I want to be. This reflection came in many forms and at various times, but my conclusions all pointed to the same thing.

If I were to give 2010 a word (well, knowing me it's more than just one) it would be patience and prayer.

My desire is:
  • for more patience with God - allowing myself to trust in His Providence rather than my own capabilities.
  • for more patience with my husband - that I will be slower and quieter to speak and quicker to serve him
  • for more patience with Avila - not freaking out when toddlerland proves things don't always go as planned
  • for patience when the new baby arrives - that I will be able to put aside my need for order and enjoy these precious moments with my children
  • to develop a consistent prayer life and to give God the first fruits of my day

I am grateful for the ways God has reminded me of these desires over the past few weeks. They have come in little and big ways and I'm hoping that after these 2 virtues become habit I can move on to conquering others.

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