March 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I sure got a shock at Avila's 2 year check-up last week. What was supposed to be a simple appointment turned into much more. She got a bad cold a couple weeks ago and the rattling in her chest never really went away. The doctor noticed it and, after checking her oxygen levels, decided to give her a nebulizer treatment! He then prescribed an inhaler for her to use for a little while to open her airways and break up whatever she has left in her lungs. I knew it was a nasty cold, but didn't realize it was that bad. I'm just grateful he is so thorough and that he's taking precautions to make sure this doesn't turn into pneumonia or worse.

2. To add insult to injury, poor little Avila has been constipated. (Sorry if that's TMI...) I bought FiberOne everything and have been tricking her to eat prunes - cutting them up and calling them blueberries, sticking them to her pancakes with syrup, and giving her M&Ms between bites. I've also been watching her diet closely and making sure she eats well. So far, so good! (Don't worry, I won't give more details than that.) But to clear up an "old wives tale," apparently apple juice makes constipation worse - at least according to my pediatrician. So, again, I've been slipping in prune juice with 7Up or wherever I can. But smart little Avila caught on and now thoroughly examines her beverage before I give it to her...

3. That very same day, drywall workers came to finish the mudding and taping in our kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs. As my husband can surely attest, I don't do well with home construction - mainly because I've been living through it for almost 3 years, ready to be done, and not to mention 35 weeks pregnant. We were kicked out of the house Wednesday, Thursday, and tomorrow is [hopefully] the last installment. But despite the inconvenience and mess, we are so close to the finish line. This coming weekend will be our last push before the baby comes, getting everything painted and ALL DONE! And then our main level and upstairs will be finished!!! Once we get everything painted and buttoned up, I'll post pictures.

4. With this pregnancy I have hardly had an appetite. There were days I had to force myself to eat, simply because I never felt hungry and nothing would sound good. My doctor even told me I could stand to "nibble a little more," meaning I needed to be careful I was gaining enough weight. But all of that has certainly changed the past few days! I could seriously eat everything in sight (and, um, do) and this baby has sure hit a growth spurt. At this rate, he (or she) is going to surpass Avila's hefty 8lbs 14oz!

5. Avila sure loves her baby dolls. She was holding one of them the other day and saying over and over, "Baby, you're so beautiful." When I asked her what her baby's name was she said, "Jack Johnson."

6. When daddy's away, the girls get to play. Michael was out of town at a football convention/camp thing and Avila and I had a girls' weekend. Because I led a workshop at Junior High Rally on Saturday, my sister Ashley came to hang out with Avila and then the rest of the weekend Avila and I got the baby clothes washed and put away, did a little shopping, and she even got to sleep in "mama's bed." My dad sometimes traveled for work when I was younger, so my sisters and I always did this with my mom - hanging out, sleeping in her bed, going shopping. It was such great memories and I hope to have even more fun girl time with Avila in the future.

7. I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. Because I post on facebook, too, I don't feel the need to also post on twitter - hence the reason my status there hasn't changed for a month! So, I think I'm going to make that twitter spot on our blog dedicated to the happenings of Theology of the Body NW. Look for the new updates to be coming soon!

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