March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I think we traumatized Avila last night. Every year around her birthday we make a plaster handprint to document her growth. Except she decided that this was the worst thing in the world to ever make her do. She screamed and cried and looked like we were torturing her. To make matters worse, the plaster was a bit thin and we had to redo her print 4 times to get it right. About a half hour (and many many pieces of chocolate) later we finally got it. Then, when she went upstairs to go to bed, she turned the corner at the top and saw...the vacuum. Because she was emotional already, this sent her over the top. As mentioned before, she has a love/hate relationship with the vacuum. Needless to say, she slept in super late this morning - all because she was probably exhausted from the "trauma" of the night before.

2. My dad would be proud...A couple days ago we asked Avila if she wanted mommy or daddy to put her to sleep for her nap. Her response, "Home Depot?"

3. This weekend we are painting! On the agenda: kitchen, bathroom, upstairs, and the rest of the trim. I actually really like to paint, but we'll see how much my belly allows me to do. Soooooo excited to have it all done!

4. All packed for the hospital. It was totally a "non-event" compared to packing when I was pregnant with Avila. Last weekend I thought to myself, um, I should probably get my bags packed just in case labor should happen early because we're not too far away from baby's arrival! So, I took my list, threw some things in a bag, and that was that. The only thing is I had to make a bag for me, Michael, baby, and Avila. Michael will have lots to carry; thank goodness he's nice and strong. =)

5. I love how honest kids are. I started to read Avila one of her new library books this morning, when she said, "Uh oh. I ripped it!" Sure enough, on the very last page was a huge tear down the middle. Hopefully that won't cost us.

6. This morning Avila and I were playing "baby doctor." She was trying to find the baby's heartbeat when she commented that my tummy looks like the "world." Thanks, Avila, for letting me know my stomach is the size of a planet.

7. Michael is setting out to train for an adventurous endeavor. He rejoined the gym and is getting in shape to summit Mt. Rainier this summer with some of his former football buddies. They are always telling each other they're "out of shape" and I think this is motivation for them to unleash their competitive sides once again. I'm excited he gets to do this, because I know how much fun it'll be for them. We haven't had the chance to do much hiking or camping since we've been married (hopefully that'll change this summer) but this will be a good opportunity for him to have some "guy time" and create some awesome memories.

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