March 22, 2010

Family Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Upstairs

Here are some pictures of the finished areas in the rest of the house.

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Moving Day!

a couple days after we moved in...tearing down the wall to the kitchen

the day we moved in!

the remaining project in the kitchen was removing an old (gigantic) box light from the ceiling. We had drywall finishers come a couple weeks ago and now it's all done!

finishing up the drywall and paint...

what the old window and floor trim looked like. we took down the curtains, retrimmed all of our doors, floor boards, and windows, and put up wood blinds. We also installed track lighting, because, well, we didn't have any lights to begin with!

the new floor trim

the hallway: the paneling was an idea my dad came up with on his last visit up...They surprised me with it while I was away for the weekend

our bedroom. don't tell Michael I want to paint it gray. wait, I already did. His response: are you joking? didn't we just paint it?

going upstairs. When we moved in we painted the old dark brown paneling white but a couple months ago it was ripped out and replaced as a result of a demolition project from upstairs

What the top of the stairs used to look like: chimney and a bookshelf

with the chimney gone a while ago and no need for a random bookshelf, michael and my dad thought one Saturday afternoon, hey, let's rip out some walls. Insert meltdown here. In the end, I'm of course happy =)
new trim. the doors are the last things needing to be painted white...

converting the office to the guestroom so Avila could have her own room, too!

thanks, daddy! I love you...

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The Herring family said...

Absolutely incredible! I'm sooo impressed by all your hard work these past couple of years, Mike & Kris. Beautiful.