March 22, 2010

Laundry and Bathroom

Here are some pictures from our finished bathroom and laundry room. We built the laundry room from the ground up (used to be a patio) and in the bathroom we replaced the tub, fan, and lights, put up paneling, built a closet (as a result of taking out the chimney), and repainted (actually repainted twice).

For even more pictures of the laundry room (from it's initial unveiling, click below)

the day we moved in! notice the lime green and no closet...thanks shelley for scrubbing our floors!

painting: the first time.

during recent drywalling and after the new tub was put in

tada! painted the same color as the rest of the house...

spruced up with a new mirror (medicine cabinet for more storage) and smaller lights

the laundry room after trim work and painting was completed

a makeshift mudroom area - we're brainstorming ideas for this one

what it used to look like going down the stairs to the basement (view from the former outside)...


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