March 3, 2010

Moments from Avila's birthday

Yesterday was Avila's 2nd Birthday! We celebrated this weekend with my parents, Michael's parents, Shelley, Jonathan, Thomas, and my sister, Ashley. When even got Kelsey in on the action when we sang "Happy Birthday" to Avila by putting her on speaker phone. Yesterday, we went to Confession, Adoration and Mass (she lasted over an hour with all three put together) as is tradition on her birthday. (Well, at least the Mass part is. Luckily I got to sneak in Confession beforehand and Avila quietly played on the pew for a half hour during Adoration.) We simply had a relaxing day playing and bumming around. We sang to her at every meal and had to convince her five hundreds different times there were no more presents.

Here's to another special, fun, and happy year!

I'm TWO!

Tommy wasn't convinced when we tried to trick him into playing dress-up

My "overloaded on too much cake" face

wearing the apron mommy and daddy got me for my birthday! note: this was before I started rolling on the ground like a spaz from too much cake and too many presents...




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