March 26, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my skies, the sunrise (I'm up before Avila!), a slight breeze, and green green grass

I am thinking...of all the amazing, fun, and difficult ways our life is going to change after baby's arrival. I am also thinking a lot about the little one we are going to meet and the fact that if we didn't lose Gabriel we would never have had the chance to have this one in our lives - a bittersweet thought of course

I am thankful for...a husband who sacrificed watching the UW basketball game to accompany me to a Theology of the Body talk last night

I am hoping...that this little one will make an arrival after this weekend and before April 15th so that I don't have to miss any of my TOB talks scheduled in April!

On my mind...ways to continue making memories with our growing little family. It's rare that we get time just the four of us and I'm brainstorming ways to make more time and take advantage of this over the coming spring and summer

Noticing that...given how busy I am with being a mom, a wife, a youth minister, and a traveling speaker it takes me twice as long to call anyone back than previously in my life. If you're one of the people waiting for a phone call from me, this doesn't me I don't love you, but rather that Avila seriously gives me the "evil eye" if I'm on the phone too much!

A few plans for the week...the ballet tomorrow with my sister, another ultrasound next week, football kicks off for Michael, and hopefully many more BBQ's outside

From the kitchen...meals made and frozen in preparation of baby's arrival, a clean microwave (so gross..), waking up to coffee already made thanks to time delay

Around the house...peace, organization, not much to accomplish.

One of my favorite things...hearing Avila wake up in the morning. She pops her head up and immediately starts singing. Sometimes it's Baby Beluga. Sometimes it's songs from swimming class. Sometimes it's We Will Rock You...She continues singing for upwards of a half hour sometimes. The she tells her baby that she's "so cute" about a million times, and finally she'll start yelling for me, "Mama, where are you!"

A picture I am sharing...

our little girl is growing up...

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