April 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Max is 2 weeks old! (And, yes, for those wondering, you can call him Max...) This has been an awesome 2 weeks filled with tons of grace. I was worried how I would handle life with 2 children but I have taken the perspective that all I can handle (and all God will give me grace for) is a day at a time. So, despite sleepless nights and the busyness of our new life, I am doing extremely well. Prayer is still incorporated into my day (it's what gets me through...) and I am so much more positive than I thought I would be.

2. Not only do I apparently birth big children, but they seemingly like to eat. A lot. Max has gained double what is expected by this point and has grown an inch and a half in 2 weeks. Because I have such big babies I almost feel jipped on not having that "tiny newborn phase." Max is currently at 90% for height (apparently he doesn't get that from me) and 95% for weight. If he keeps growing at this rate hopefully he'll be sleeping through the night by next week!

3. Avila is such an incredible big sister. The first few days Max was around she mostly ignored him, but now she acts like he's always been around. She cuddles with him in her bed every morning and is so gentle and kind with him. She doesn't get jealous when I have to give him attention and she even likes to help out when she can. I can't wait for next summer when she is three and he is 1 1/2. I can just picture them running around and playing together and having a ball.

4. I am so grateful for everyone who has helped us out during this transition. From dinners to baby clothes to holding Max while I clean to taking Avila on dates so she can get some good on-one-on time we are extremely blessed to have such good friends and family. Without your prayers, gifts of time, and generosity we wouldn't be in such a good place as we are right now. So, thank you.

5. I think Avila has seen Charlotte's Web one too many times. She has been walking around all day saying, "I don't want to die!" Oh, and Finding Nemo is up there, too. She has this thing about talking in "whale."

6. So, switching from baby mode...Can you believe the new Project Runway winner, Seth Aaron, is from my hometown, Vancouver, WA? Funny story because I owned a coat made by him! He used to own a boutique in downtown Vancouver and my mom and I ventured there a few years ago. He was there making clothes and I picked up an adorable jacket. But of course who knows what I did with it! I think I consigned it a little bit ago, and bummer, because I bet it'd be worth something now!

7. I GET TO SEE MY SISTER THIS WEEKEND!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?) As those who follow her blog know, Kelsey has been a volunteer foster mom in Houston for over 8 months now and I haven't seen her since she's left. She's flying into town for a brief vacation and she finally gets to meet her new nephew and see how much Avila has grown up. Thank goodness for Skype, because without it I don't know how we would have made it these past 8 months! Can't wait to see you, sis!

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