April 16, 2010

big sister

Of course I was excited to meet our new child, however I was just as excited to introduce him to his big sister, Avila. She is in LOVE with babies and has been asking to meet baby Mauss for quite some time. I didn't have too many expectations as to how she would take to him, but I did know that she would fall in love with him, just as we have. She has been on this journey right by my side throughout the past 9 months - enduring morning sickness by watching countless episodes of the Gilmore Girls, accompanying me to every doctor's appointment, playing baby doctor at home, rubbing my back during contractions (no joke), and even getting emotional along with me during the days (yes, days) I was in labor. She is a special girl and will be an awesome big sister.

um, who the heck is that and why is mom wearing that funny robe?

with grandma salber

love you, brother!

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