April 15, 2010

"It's a boy!"

A mother's intuition almost never fails her. Even though we didn't find out the gender of our baby beforehand, I had a huge premonition that our baby was a boy. Growing up with 2 sisters and having a daughter of my own, my whole world has been girls (well, besides my husband, I guess!) and the unknowns of boyhood made me a bit nervous before our baby was born. But the moment Michael announced "it's a boy!" every bit of nervousness and fear of the unknown melted away. I knew this child belonged to our family and I knew that our world wouldn't be complete without him.

Second to the awesomeness of finding out our baby's gender was telling my dad. Apparently he came to the birth of Avila with an "it's a boy!" hat, just in case, and all my family had been pulling for a boy during this pregnancy just for him. So when the moment came to tell him, we of course documented his response on camera.

Here are some pictures of my boys...

the moment my dad heard...

a proud grandpa

daddy's boy!

like father, like son...

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Mary said...

SOOO cool you guys!!! So happy for you! How very blessed Max is!!!
What a beautiful baby!
Congrats Grandpa Salber! :)