May 15, 2010

A Busy Mom's Daybook

...because life's a little too crazy for a full blog post!

Outside my skies, Avila's slide and toys happily strewn all over the lawn, and remnants of last night's BBQ - indicative of what life will be like all summer, I hope.

I am thinking...of all the blog posts I want to write on areas of general updates, life, faith, family, and a few other random topics. I always have a million ideas running through my head but little time to get them on paper.

I am thankful for...the grace God has given me and the ability to let things go since Max was born. As I posted yesterday, this has been the force getting me through life with two children. I am also thankful for the incredible ways my hubby has been a support to me over the past few weeks. From picking up the slack around the house to taking Avila swimming to trekking along with me to my Theology of the Body talks, he has been more than helpful and for that I am grateful.

I am hoping...that Avila is not on the path to giving up naps. A couple days a week she just won't fall asleep. She stays in her bed and sings or talks for upwards of 2 hours (or probably longer if I let her). Today is one of those days...Napping or not, she will have quiet time, in her bed, until she's at least preschool age. If not for her, then for mommy's sake!

On my mind...figuring out a time to go camping and hiking with the kids. Michael and I still have not taken a little "vacation" with just us and the kiddos and we're hoping that, amidst the busyness of other fun summer plans, we can find some time to sneak away.

Noticing that...having two kids isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Sure, Max is still in the newborn stage and is a pretty flexible kid but when you're pregnant with a second child complete strangers will make it seem like your world is going to flip upside down and chaos will ensue. I'm sure chaos is just around the corner, but at least I know God won't give me anything I can't handle!

A few plans for the week...two mornings of mommy-time for me (meaning playdates for Avila), a TOB talk to Junior High kids, and Confirmation at Sts. Peter and Paul where I am a sponsor to an amazing young woman.

From the kitchen...nothing! I have had to cook maybe 3 meals since Max was born. Between food graciously brought over to meals frozen to Michael BBQing, I have had to concoct little in the kitchen. And when I do it's healthy versions of frozen fare - EX: spinach pancakes (SO GOOD) and salmon burgers from Costco, and jazzed up Mac N' Cheese with additions like avocado and flax seed

Around the house...freshly organized rooms. I spent a few hours yesterday doing a monthly reorganize of toys and clothes and feel so much better when everything has a place. Plus, I changed out Avila's toys and she is no longer bored and asking for me to play with her every 5 minutes.

Toward fitness and health...Insanity has arrived! Combined with P90X this is going to be a great ride. We are currently setting up a pseudo fitness area in our unfinished basement and I shall embark upon this crazy journey in a few days. I am also overhauling our fridge - getting rid of anything hydrogenated, with high fructose corn syrup, with artificial sweeteners, and ingredients I don't recognize. If it doesn't come from the ground or it doesn't have a mother I'm trying to forgo it from our diets. There is a lot of research out there that artificial ingredients reek havoc on the endocrine system and in an attempt to keep our family mentally and physically healthy, I don't want to toy with the way God made our bodies. That said, don't point the finger if you see us indulging in a little forbidden fare once in a while. =)

One of my favorite things...our video monitor. Given as a gift from Michael's parents, we have 4 cameras and can watch our kids from just about anywhere (creepy I know). We can even talk through it, and this has been known to freak Avila out once or twice. Plus, the monitor is the size of a cell phone and is easily transportable from room to room. On a less serious note, we're actually trying to train our kids that mom and dad are always watching - because guess what, they are!

A picture I am sharing...from said video monitor

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