May 19, 2010

God's grace, Part 6

I call it "Part 6" because God's grace is all I seem to be writing on lately!

Today is one of those days I will need God's grace. Max has been up off and on since 4am. (now that we're all awake, though, he's sound asleep...) But, like many days over the a past 2 weeks I have a big Theology of the Body talk. Today I will be speaking to Junior High Youth at St. Charles in Tacoma. Last week I was at Star of the Sea in Bremerton on Wednesday and at St. Mark's in Shoreline on Thursday. Next week I will be in Buckley at St. Aloysious on Monday and back at St. Mark's on Thursday. This is in addition to the TOB study going on for the high schoolers at St. Charles every Sunday night. (Thanks be to my hubby who has made the trek with me to just about every talk in order to take care of our little guy! It has made for some late nights for him, no doubt.)

Despite the exhaustion of motherhood and the fact that my mind blanks out at least once per talk (I explain it as newborn momy brain!) I know that the message I am presenting is not about me. If it were about me, I would be in a tizzy about the lack of sleep and concentration I have at this point in my life. But because this message is the Lord's and I am merely a vessel (and He has called me to these parishes at this time, despite having a newborn), I know He will give me the words and the strength to be His messanger. I know that, as long as I prepare as best as I can and pray for those I am speaking to, He will take care of the rest.

It is my prayer that the beauty and truth of the Theology of the Body will be spread to as many people as possible - not only through me but also through other people willing to speak openly about this and, most importantly, through all those I know living this message out in their day-to-day lives. I pray God will prepare our world for the transforming power of the Theology of the Body, because Lord knows we need it.

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