June 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Phone calls have not been my strong suit lately. I feel horrible not calling people or returning phone calls in a timely manner, but I feel like barely have enough time to keep our home in order, tend to our family, and have some down time. Plus, I don't want Avila to see me on the phone or the computer all the time. I think a way to reconcile this is to have a set "phone call" time where I can keep up with people and messages without taking away from my daily duties. How do you other moms handle phone time? I'd love some suggestions!

2. What was said above goes the same for blogging. I have sooo many different blog ideas running through my head but not enough time to get them down. Oh well...I know this busy stage in life doesn't last forever (or maybe it just gets busier???). Either way, we are doing all we can to enjoy our little family and to do fun things whenever we can. Last week, for example, I took a couple mornings "off" (in other words no real chores, no workout, etc) and we played - we went to the Children's Museum, visited daddy's office, and went to lots of parks.

3. In keeping with the "hardly any time to do things" theme, I have decided that waking up earlier than the kids is the best thing I can do. In getting up at least an hour before them I can get a good cup of coffee, so much housework done, and maybe even a workout in before they get up. I found I am a much better mom with things already checked off my ToDo list before I welcome them into my day. I must say, Michael has been trying to get me to go to bed earlier and get up earlier for quite some time now, and although he was right, there was no way I could give up my previous wake-up time of 8:30! I guess a second kid forces one to do lots of things they otherwise wouldn't do...

4. I have MAJOR blank-out mommy brain. I can hardly put two words together in a sentence - literally. It has taken me all morning to write this simple post, which has included many revisions just to make sense. And when I talk to people, I often get blank stares. It's then I realize that what I thought I said actually stayed in my brain and what came out was a jumble of words. Maybe it's a good thing I'm on hiatus for a month or so from any Theology of the Body talks.

5. Football season is is full swing. Michael has had practice almost every night this month (for spring ball) and will pick back up again mid-August. It always takes a couple weeks of adjusting to our new schedule - with less daddy time - however I love going to practices and games. Avila gets to run around and cheer on "the boys" and I get to socialize with other football wives. Many of the coaches are younger, like Michael, and have young kids around Avila's age. Avila will be decked out in her lion costume for games this fall, and Max will too because I found him one similar to his sister's!

6. So, here's another request on parenting to see how other people handle a situation such as mine. Max is an awesome sleeper - at night. He goes 12 hours with only 1 feeding. Spoiled, I know. However, during the day his naps are about 45 minutes and he can't get himself back to sleep, even though he really wants to sleep longer. Because he's only 2 months, my solution is to stick him in the backpack for the remainder of his nap (he will sleep in that thing for hours on end...) and then if he's still doing this around 3-4months, I will cut him off (he's getting a bit heavy!) and he's going to have to deal with short naps. Nursing won't put him back to sleep and either will letting him fuss a while. I think our solution works pretty well, but I am definitely open to any suggestions out there! Is this just a phase or am I doomed to another short napper (ahem, like Avila)?

7. I am kind of annoyed with the phrase "It looks like you have your hands full." I know people mean well and it's an easy thing to say to a young mom with a toddler and a baby, however this phrase just gets to me. I think it reflects the lack of beauty and fun our society sees in children. Sure, life with kids is busy and sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but life with kids is also happy and satisfying and, yes, fun. And it's not as difficult as our world makes it out to be. So, when someone says to me that my hands must be full I say in reply, "Perhaps. But I wouldn't have it any other way."


Shannon said...

It's hard for me to get Ana Victoria to take naps in her crib. My solution was the swing. I let her swing away and she sleeps away. I figure if she sleeps well then it's worth the investment in batteries!

PS any suggestions for a good sling that you can nurse in?

The Gaunts said...

Hi Kristine! We had the same nap problem, apparently this happens to a lot of babies...they call it the 45 minute intruder. I read a blog from a mom who suggested that when he wakes up to put him into his swing....Joey would fall back asleep most of the time, if he didn't then it was a sign he was ready to be up. It worked like a charm and he eventually grew out of it! Joey slept throught the night at an early age to, so maybe it has something to do with that, I don't know. I hope this helps! Your children are so precious. You are such a wonderful mommy!

Lindsey said...

Funny that you mention the "hands full" phrase... it bothers me too and I heard the best response for it this weekend: "I'd rather have them full than empty" (or something along those lines).

Michael and Kristine said...

Thanks for the sugggestions about the swing! I tried Max in it when he was younger and he didn't sleep well, but I'll try it again! Avila loved the swing so much we had to buy rechargable batteries (well worth the price, Shannon!) I figure if the swing doesn't work, I'll "wear" him until 3-4 months and after that he can deal with shorter naps or learn how to take longer ones! At least he sleeps well at night. :)

And Lindsey, that's a great "comeback." I'll have to use that one, too!

Jenny said...

Two words: Baby Wise. He's already halfway there with the rocking nighttime sleep schedule!