June 1, 2010

Our Little Girl

I realize all of our recent posts have to do with Max, so I dedicate this space to our feisty, intelligent, beautiful little girl. Avila definitely has a personality of her own (my parents say it's payback for the hard times I gave them as a child), but we love the fact that she knows what she wants and tries hard to get it. By trying hard, I mean crying so hard she pukes and using her charm and wit to con even the most trained eye. Avila truly is a beautiful little person - both inside and out - and we can see that she is blessed and gifted beyond anything we could imagine in our children. We love her so much and are grateful she is leading the way among the children in our family.

helping mom cook...a new favorite pastime

a football and a crucifix: the 2 things she never leaves home without

developing a special relationship with daddy

"spelling" her name! she can identify all the letters in the alphabet and loves to write words

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