June 25, 2010

Quote Board

Here are some recent quotes from Avila. She is quite verbal if you can't tell...
(some are reposted from Facebook and some are new - enjoy!)

"Mama, you ate your dinner. I'm so proud of you!"

Avila likes to talk to herself and remind herself of things:
"Keep eating, my love"

"Don't fall, Avila!"

"Don't pee in the bed!"

On the way up to bed: "Mommy, thank you for football practice and Max and daddy and mommy and football boys and coats and teeth and mommy."

Overhearing her pray: "Dear Jesus, thank you for all my hearts. Make me safe and happy forever and ever. Holy."

Me: "Avila, are you poopy?"
Her: "Nope. Just a little pee."

Me: "I love you, Avila."
Her: "Thank you!"

Me: "Avila, we're going to Fr. Wichert's first Mass this morning."
Her: "Woot Woot!"

Me: "Avila, do you love life?"
Her: "I love family. Family is my friend."

"Mama, sit on the chair. I want to socialize."

"I got an owie and I was emotional."

"Avila is beautiful."

And my favorite. She has a new nickname for me...
"Hey babes! Where are you?"

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