June 10, 2010

Welcome to the Body of Christ!

On June 6, Maximilian Joseph was baptized into the Catholic Church. We are so excited to have our son join the Body of Christ and have the gates of Heaven opened for him! His Godparents are our good friends, Joe and Rebecca. We chose them because of their incredible witness to Christ and the Church and we know Max will have wonderful examples to look up to in them.

As parents, we take our children's' baptisms very seriously we know that through this Sacrament we are promising to raise our children with the truths of the faith - no matter the cost. When reciting our vows in the Baptismal Creed, we are vowing to instill faith, morals, and virtue in our children and be an example daily of what these mean. We pray that God will give us the grace to raise our children in holiness and to be holy examples to them.

Max was awake until the moment he was baptized. The he fell asleep. Grandpa Mauss said he must have been "slain in the Spirit!"

The clan (minus others that were there: The Sprouffske's, Tim, Sue, Brandon, and Ben Mauss, and many other friends). We were blessed to have Fr. Sean Raftis concelebrate the Mass!

the same baptism gown myself, my sisters, and Avila wore

a beautiful vision

And a BIG thank you to Tom and Karol for hosting a wonderful reception! Thank you for all the work and for opening your home so we could celebrate our son's baptism. We will be forever grateful!

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