July 21, 2010


Grandparents are a very special thing. They develop relationships with our children that are like nothing else and we feel extremely blessed that our kids have the grandparents they do. Avila and Max are lucky to have grandmas and grandpas that would do anything for them. We try our hardest to nurture these relationships and hope that our kids can create wonderful memories with their grandparents - memories they will hold on to and cherish forever.

And now a little note from Avila...

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Mauss,
I love you sooo much! I love that you bring me to the swing and the slide at your house (the one my daddy played on!). I love that you play with me when everyone else is playing with Max. I love that you took me to Lake Chelan and took me on the boat. I love your birds and Andy and Gina (sometimes) and I love that you pull me around in the wagon. Thank you for my kitchen set and my picnic table and my puzzles and for all the love you give me. Thank you for my special daddy. I am happy that you live close to me and I am really really happy about the fun park by your house!

Love, Avila


Dear Grandma and Grandpa Salber,
I love you sooo much, too! I love that you take me to fun places when I come visit like the zoo and the park and Great-Grandma's house. I love that you get me donuts (especially when mom says no) and I love snuggling with you in bed. I love that you watch my bible shows with me and that you take me on walks to see the cows. Thank you for my train set and my Anna Bear and for helping daddy build me a nice house to live in. Thank you for taking the time to come and see me. And thank you for my special mommy!

Love, Avila

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