August 19, 2010

A "Busy Mom's" Daybook

yes, I did change the title... =)

Outside my window...Newly planted flowers! (did those words just come out of my mouth?) I never thought we'd be at this stage, but alas outside home construction is complete (well, except for the dreamed of front porch that will have to wait) and we have begun landscaping. Of course we won't get all our landscaping plans accomplished this year, but other than flowers, here's what we have planned: some birch trees in the front yard, a white picket fence, a garden to grow veggies in the back, a potting station for me, THIS fountain we are dying have, and a grotto to Our Lady using the trellis my dad made for our wedding.

I am thinking...of all the virtues I need to grow in - especially kindness. I have been praying for kindness on a daily basis: that I am kind in word and action, most especially to my husband and children. Impatience is one of my biggest faults and this often leads me to be "snippy" with those I love.

I am thankful family. I am so in love with my husband and my children. I look at them throughout the day and think about how incredibly blessed I am. I do the best I can not to take them for granted and to enjoy every day that God gives me with the people I love so much.

I am hoping...that Michael has another great football season. Practice started last night and the season will extend well into November. Michael is a fabulous coach and I hope the young men he is mentoring realize what an opportunity it is to have him as their leader. Go Lions!

On my much I need the Lord.

Noticing that...there are plenty of opportunities in my busy day to pray: while nursing, before the kids wake up, while cooking or doing other chores, while rocking Max to sleep. I am trying to take advantage of every moment I can to pray - even if it's simply an acknowledgement of God's presence. For, as mentioned above, the Lord knows I need all the grace I can get. Plus, I desire to follow God's command: Pray without ceasing - making my entire day a prayer is one way I can do this.

A few plans for the week...MY SISTER IS IN TOWN! If you didn't quite get that, MY SISTER IS IN TOWN! I have seen her once in a year (whoa, that long?) and she is in town for the weekend. Then she's MOVING HOME in just a couple short weeks. Her time as a foster mom will soon come to a close, but I am so excited to see where God is going to use her next. Can't wait to see you sis!

From the kitchen...homemade granola bars (recipe here. they are awesome. I do add a bit more applesauce and honey in to make them stick together better and I choose to sub dried blueberries for the coconut). Tri-tip steak and homemade baked fries for dinner. And an attempt at making my own bread. While kneading the dough I realized the kneading time was long enough to pray a decade of the Rosary. way cool...

Around the house...Order. Well, kind of. Things may be strewn about but at least everything has a place. I freak out less when my house is messy as long as I know everything has a home it can go back to. Also around the house? Preparations for building the basement, which shall commence in t-minus 3 hours.

Towards fitness and health...On month 2 of Insanity. Seriously the hardest thing I have done in my life. I literally have to wipe the sweat off my hardwood floors after each workout. But oh how I love it - the best workout related purchase we have ever made. Plus, I don't even miss my gym membership. We are also well into our new way of eating as recently blogged about here. Nothing artificial. Nothing with ingredients we can't pronounce. Limiting soy. I can't tell you how good I feel. I literally have no cravings and I have never had this much energy. I don't restrict any food group (including carbos) and it's like my body is saying Thank You.

Of faith...(this one I added) I think I am going to start taking the kids to Adoration. Avila is usually super quiet in church at Max is pretty chill so I hope I can pull it off. I guess the worse thing that would happen is we'd have to leave. I just know that God has been calling me to Adoration again for quite some time and I know he is waiting to give me the grace I need to be a better wife and mom.

One of my favorite things...looking at our wedding album. Avila and I flip through it about once a week. I love showing her how much mommy and daddy love each other.

A picture I am sharing...

Max's infamous smirk

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