August 13, 2010

Our New Patio

A couple weekends ago we had a new patio poured. And then a few days after that we found an awesome patio set (fire pit included) on Craigs List. So, for our anniversary gift to ourselves, Michael trekked up to Mercer Island picked up the set and we have been enjoying our new patio just about everyday. It's nice to have another sitting area other than the deck and we have some great plans for this area - flowers, a water feature, a garden to grow our own produce, a potting station for me, and eventually an arbor over the walkway between the house and garage with lights and flowers that grow over the top. It's so hard to believe that just a couple short years ago our backyard used to look like this:

before the addition

the slab forms for the addition and garage

oh how I do NOT miss dirt...

and for the reveal!


the gate in the background still needs lattice to match our other fences. It has a ramp going to our lower front lawn - aka: a bike ramp for the kids... The table also converts to a fire pit - anyone want to come over and roast some marshmallows?

the walkway beside the garage. We had another walkway poured on a different side of our house, too.

Um, one last point. Are we nuts or is my dad really coming up next weekend to start framing in the walls to our basement????

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