September 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Avila is still talking about the fair (and how I bribed her with a treat - a scone to be exact - if she went into the petting zoo). Can't wait to bring her back next year! Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Mauss for the tickets!

2. I have officially decided to start potty training Avila. She has been ready for a little while - asking to sit on the potty and be like her other friends. But I finally got my act together and have a plan of how to go about it. We bought her some Hello Kitty underwear (that match her Hello Kitty rain boots she is obsessed with...) and will begin Monday. On another note, Max is almost 6 months and I am starting to make his baby food. He loves to eat and gets super excited when I put him in his high chair and bring the bowl over to feed him. Next week we'll move beyond rice cereal. My little girl using the potty and my little boy starting real food all in the same week? Whoa...

3. We have survived our first round of everyone in the house being sick. It wasn't all that bad. Sure the kids didn't sleep as well and mama was up a lot more than usual at night, but being sick allows us to slow down, stay in our jammies all day, watch movies, and eat whatever we want. (Sometimes being sick is easier than the hustle and bustle of regular daily life!) Plus, I have in my head something a friend told me when Avila was little: that when our children are sick or hurting it gives us a special opportunity to show God's love to them. So, when I'm rocking Max or comforting Avila I remind myself that I am being an example of God to my kids. It makes me squeeze them a little tighter and love them a little deeper. It helps me ward off the frustration that sickness can bring and it reminds me that out of everyone in this world, Michael and I are the first examples of God to our kids.

4. Avila loves a show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid. She even made her own science journal. Every time the show comes on she grabs her journal and a marker and follows along with the show. What a big girl.

5. Avila and Max...this video melts my heart.

6. Avila and the cheerleaders from last night's football game. I think she was in heaven. (PS: the Lions beat Mt. Tahoma - 18-12. Their record: 4-0!)

7. Avila and daddy are on their usual morning outing: Home Depot kids' corner. Which means mama has the morning all. to. herself. Time to go relax (and fold some laundry).

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