September 14, 2010

Avila's First Day of "School"

Avila had her first day of school today! She started Kindermusik and the cool thing is that she got to go all by herself. Which means no mama. Which means our little girl is growing up. Her class runs once a week for 4 months and I am so glad she has this fun thing to look forward to - especially since she hasn't been able to do swim lessons for a while. She got her own special backpack, music book and instrument and she even has "homework" to do every week. She is in love.

It actually works great for mama, too, because the class is just a half mile from our house and just 2 blocks from a Catholic church with Perpetual Adoration! So, after dropping Avila off, brother and I walked to Holy Cross and got to have some time with Christ before joining her for the last part of class. I think this will be our weekly routine. So excited.

um, I don't think I'll ever be able to get this thing off her...

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