September 4, 2010

Go Lions!

Last night was Bellarmine Prep's first football game of the season. It was a blowout with them winning by quite a bit (which means daddy was in a good mood today). Avila suited up in her Lion costume but unfortunately Max wouldn't have anything to do with his. It's not easy having daddy gone for practices and games, but watching him coach makes it all worth it. Plus, Avila LOVES hanging out with the football boys at the Unity Dinners the day before each game and she LOVES even more watching the cheerleaders. Here are some pictures from last night's game...

with cousin Brandon, who plays for the Little Lions football team

Max, overlooking what he is to become someday if daddy has anything to do with it

On Saturday mornings there is a kid's corner at the Home Depot. (Daddy likes bringing her, although I think it's his excuse to do some "browsing.") This morning Avila got to build a football holder. Quite fitting since she's wearing her football shirt!

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