September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Today we celebrated the Nativity of Mary. We started preparations yesterday by coloring pages out of our Mary coloring book, making her birthday cards, and making a cake. The cake and frosting were from scratch, but since my cakes usually come from boxes and my frosting from plastic jars, I forgot to refrigerate it. So, this morning when I woke up, all the frosting was melted off and the cake was ruined. Once the kids got up we trudged through the rain and grabbed some cake mix and premade frosting from Safeway to remake our birthday treats.

We called our good friends, the Herrings, and Avila and Clare got all dressed up in their pretty blue dresses in honor of Mary. They had a tea party, watched a Bible show, colored pictures, decorated their cupcakes with blue frosting, and sang "Happy Birthday" to Mary. Here are some pictures from our super fun day.

mama helped decorate, too =)

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