September 21, 2010

last weekend

We had such a fabulous weekend! On Friday, the Bellarmine Lions won their football game (we didn't go because of the soaking wet, pouring down rain...) and on Saturday we had a super fun family day. The rain held off (too bad for Avila's new rain boots) and we ventured to the Puyallup Fair. Then, last minute on Saturday night, Michael and I had our first date night in MONTHS. We were only gone 3 hours but it felt like all day. Thank you, Kelsey for watching our little ones!

at the fair...

At the Mariner's Game

thanks for the tickets, dad!

it was Latin Beisbol night. can't you tell?

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Ryan M.D. said...

Did you go to the game last saturday? or was it also hispanic heritage sunday?

The game was sad but i had fun cheering and spending money on beer that was over priced.

I love the avila videos they are adorable. I can;t wait to get my little one to do all those funny things... guess i gotta adopt haha!!