November 24, 2010

a "busy mom's" daybook...

Just some thoughts on this day before Thanksgiving...

Outside my window...snow (duh). But not really pretty snow because it has been stomped and tromped through by Avila. And that's OK because seeing the not-so-pretty snow reminds me our daughter is having a fabulous time outside.

I am thinking...of all the plans I want to do with the kids for Advent. So excited now that Avila is older and can participate in the church year on a deeper level.

I am thankful I look at our picture albums every single day. And I just switched out and added some new pictures around the house. I love the reminders of all the memories and moments that are too easy to forget.

I am hoping...that Bellarmine Prep wins their game this weekend and heads to the State Championship! And that this Advent remains peaceful and not too busy. And that we get some good family time after football is over.

On my much grocery stores need yield signs or 4-way stops at the ends of the aisles. If I had a penny for every time I bump into someone, or almost bump into someone, or think about bumping into someone, we could move to Hawaii.

Noticing that...Max sleeps the same way that I did when I was little - with his hands tucked under his tummy. So cute. And how funny Avila is when she tries to get something she wants. She attempts to convince me. "Oh, mom blue is my favorite color you know." or "Oh, mom, that is soooo beautiful." and my favorite of recent days: "Oh, mom, I can wear my tank top dress because it is healthy."

A few plans for the week...Thanksgiving with the Mauss'. Michael heads to Spokane for their semifinal state football game. And, weather permitting of course, I head out to visit my family.

From the kitchen...a freezer full of 40lbs. of organic, hormone free, free-range chicken I bought for $1.48 a pound. Sure, it took a couple hours to prep and divide but this will last us a good 6 months!

Around the house...a bungee cord over Avila's dresser drawer handles to prevent her from pulling out ALL HER CLOTHES for the 50th time this week. Now, I know how fun clothes can be, but c'mon Avila, really.

Towards fitness and health...feeling better every day since I've gone gluten free. And noticing random improvements to my health ever since, such as soft hair (finally!), better skin, and TONS more energy. But the best thing of all is that I am happy again. I didn't realize how "down in the dumps" I had been. I did, however, have my first gluten encounter that left me sick. Not just stomachache sick, but "feels like someone is ripping out your insides" sick. Luckily it passed after just a few hours and I was only left with nausea the rest of the day. All better now!

On faith...making a point to take the kids to Adoration more during Advent. Max already goes with me for about a half-hour a week during Avila's music class. And I love praying for my family during this time - that God will instill in them a deep and unwavering love for Him and His Church.

One of my favorite things...seeing my kids play together. It is a joy that is indescribable and it makes me want to have a million kids.

A picture I am sharing...

Avila, helping mommy make GF bread...

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