November 30, 2010

Good going, guys!

Well, in a fierce battle up until the end, Bellarmine narrowly lost to Ferris HS 14-10. It was an amazing game played at the Tacoma Dome and we were all there to cheer daddy and his team on.

Originally Bellarmine was supposed to play in Spokane. They made the 8-hour bus drive over only to find that the field was un-playable. So, everyone shipped back and the game was moved from Saturday to Monday. Which meant Avila, Max, and I could be there (along with Grandpa Mauss).

Bellarmine's defense played an incredible game - giving up only 139 yards. That's so awesome. Especially when B Prep puts a smaller D lineman up against a huge O lineman. There is a lot to be proud of this season for sure and this team will go down as one of the best in Bellarmine history. Only 2 other times has B Prep made it to the semi-finals, both in the 1980's. And the other awesome thing? This team is made up of a majority of sophomores and juniors. Next year will be even more exciting, for sure.

Max did super great at the game, hanging out, watching what he will (God willing) be a part of some day. Avila is the greatest spectator - randomly yelling out encouraging words just like the rest of the crowd. Except she always cheers for the defense (that's what daddy coaches) - even if Bellarmine defense isn't up. =) That's OK, baby girl. We still love you.

And, me? Last night I was able to enjoy an entire football game. Usually we have to duck out early because of rain or cold or late nights or we don't even get to make it to the game at all. But last night I rarely missed a down and I had the chance to witness my husband in his element - coaching up young boys and helping to turn them into men.

As those close to me will attest, this football season hasn't been easy for me. It isn't easy raising two kids and keeping up with life with their daddy gone 6 days a week. I had more than my fair share of meltdowns and tears - some warranted and a lot because of selfish reasons. On one hand, I missed him terribly. But on the other hand, I was humbled and overjoyed to see Michael lead young men as he once was lead.

When I first met Michael, long before we started dating and eventually married, I was immediately drawn to him. Not just because of his strapping good looks =), but mostly because of his character. I could tell that he was different. He was honorable, spoke well of others, endured trials and difficulties with grace, didn’t shy away from challenges, and most importantly he loved God and desired to be like Him. I eventually discovered that these qualities weren’t just something he was blessed with. He had to work hard to develop these virtues and I realized that how he became who he is had to do with the football programs in place both at Bellarmine and at PLU. As a result, I truly give thanks to God for the gift of football in my husband’s life because without football, my husband would not be the absolutely incredible person, husband and father he is today.

Yes, football is not easy on our family. But what keeps us saying "yes" year after year? If those high school boys can have the same chance at learning from great and humble men as our husbands did, and if they can grow up to be the virtuous, hard working, men of character that our husbands are, then it is worth it.

Maybe we are a little bit biased, but both Michael and I believe football to be one of the greatest sports out there. So many lessons can be applied to life, especially for men, and we pray that if God desires, our sons can be a part of this great sport - molding them, building their character, teaching them sacrifice and fraternity and that blood, sweat, and tears are what's required for a life of holiness.

Well, daddy. We are so proud of you. We love you, we love watching you coach, and we are excited to have you home again. We (I mean, I) are sorry for not always being supportive, but know that we are so grateful you've had this opportunity. With that said, good going, guys.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. ~2 Tim 4:7

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