November 22, 2010


There is no denying the fact that Max is a boy. A messy, likes things loud, laid back, make farting sounds with his mouth when he's mad boy. But just as much as he is any of those other things he is sooo sweet and sooo cuddly. I must say, watch out Michael because this little boy is stealing my heart.

look mom, I make lots of messes! And I can even open doors and drawers all by myself.

wooing the ladies. in this case, my bethrothed Evelyn.

look where mom found me!

I am almost bigger than my sister!

sister is dancing and I'm chewing on the rug

cuddling and dancing with my mom

sister, you can put this on my head now but just wait until I'm twice as big as you...

chilling with my grandpa

I got wrapped in this slinky all by myself AND I pulled all the toys out. so much fun!

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