November 20, 2010

On our way to the SEMIFINALS!

Well, Bellarmine Prep did it again! They won their intense quarter-final match up against the (ginormous) Bothell Cougars. It was a freezing (albeit rain-free day) and since it was an afternoon game, myself, the kids and my parents and sisters headed out to the game. The Mauss' would have been there, too, except they were on a plane headed home from sunny Maui. (Welcome home to predicted snow!)

The first quarter, Bothell was up 14-0. The second quarter it was 21-0 until a last minute touchdown by the Lions with only a minute left in the half. By that point Avila and Max looked like Rudolph with bright red noses and they were more than a bit cold, so I packed them up and headed home, kind of bummed out, thinking the Lions' season was just about over. Bothell has been dominant for the past few years and is a tough team to beat. But in the 4th quarter, the Lions chipped away at the Cougars and ended up scoring 3 touchdowns to pull ahead. Bothell was in range to score with 4.5 seconds left but Bellarmine held them off to secure their awesome win!

Which means...I remain a football widow for a little longer. If anyone told me my husband would be coaching football into DECEMBER I would have shot them. But, I am honestly happy they've come this far. Their season is 11-1 and they deserve every moment of glory with how hard they have all worked this year. I am proud of my husband and the Lions and I hope that, with the grace of God, they will be playing for the State title on Dec. 4th at the Tacoma Dome.

Some pics from today's game...

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