December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

This past weekend we ventured to the Sprouffske Farm to pick up our Christmas Tree! They had yummy goodies and had ordered in beautiful weather. Here are some pics from our day. There are a lot of them, just to warn you. But, I really couldn't choose my favorites. :)

my first encounter with a Christmas tree. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful (and messy) relationship

so, these are actually boy clothes! When Max was born he inherited an awesome wardrobe from some really great friends - clothes up to size 4T. Since Avila is growing, we decided to deck her out in Max's digs. Totally works!

is this really my little girl??? all grown up???

c'mon brother, stop eating grass and look at the camera so I don't have to take any more pictures...

Avila has been singing the "Colors of the Year" song from her catechism class and I realized that our tree is decked out in all (and only) the liturgical colors! Red, Green, Purple and White (with a little pink thrown in there for Advent/Lent and gold for celebration times). Kind of an awesome coincidence!

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Bridget said...

Thanks for the triple dose of photos!