December 28, 2010

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

Dear Lord Jesus,

We have waited. We have prayed. We have prepared for Your coming and You are finally among us. The little things and the big things we have done made room in our hearts for You to dwell, both now and at the remembrance of Your birth and every time we receive Your precious Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

We have held tight to Mary - accepting with her same faith the mysteries of your birth and the surrounding circumstances. We have pondered in our hearts the greatness of your humility and we understand that your ways are not our ways. We accept the trials, humiliation, confusion, and effort that come along with being Your faithful follower and Your Blessed Mother has shown us the true path of Christian discipleship.

We have prayed with Joseph - not fully understanding his pure faith and the tough decisions he had to make to provide the best home he could for You. Our hearts break with his at the thought you had to be born in a stable, among animals. Our hearts trust with his as he followed your promptings without hesitation. We learn from his simplicity and know that a simple, humble, obedient life is the only sure way to a life of union with You.

We now follow along with the Magi - traveling through distant lands in our own lives and persevering through trials in order to find You. We follow the "stars" in our own lives - our consciences, the counsel of faithful people, Your holy Word and holy Church that we may seek Your full presence. We present You with the best gifts we have: our hearts, our minds, our strengths, our soul.

And, on this day of the Holy Innocents, we offer our lives as a sacrifice - just as the first martyrs did. Those holy babes who were slaughtered because of Your coming. We do not ask "why?" - why the blood, why the tears, why the mourning - but rather we rejoice because You always bring good out of evil. May all those who are suffering find comfort and peace in Your loving arms.

Lord, we ask that you always keep the mystery and beauty of your birth in front of us. Let us never lose sight that You are our destination. You are our home. You are the meaning of this short life of ours. Dwell among us in our homes, our families, our relationships, and our souls. And may we continue to follow You throughout the year with the same zeal we have at Christmastime.

We love you, Lord. O come, O come, Emmanuel!

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