January 11, 2011

9 months old

Max turned 9 months old yesterday. And he's onto big things: cruising around the furniture, standing on his own, and we can't forget about charming the ladies. (He about gouged out his friend Evelyn's eyes yesterday in an attempt to swoon her with his kisses.) He says mama, dada, hi, and ooooooooooo. He claps and waves and points to things and he has four teeth with a couple more coming in. It's fun watching him grow up, but he is seriously eating us out of house and home. Last night's dinner (in addition to nursing): egg salad (with a whole egg yolk), applesauce, yogurt, feta cheese, kidney beans and avocado, half a granola bar, and half a cupcake. Whew. I just get exhausted just thinking about making him dinner tonight. All I have to say is thank goodness I'm couponing...

9 months ago

and now...

making the cross with his tinker toys. I think he's just trying to communicate he wants to be a priest.

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